Welcome, supernatural, to Witches, Wizards, and Wardens!




Witches, Wizards, and Wardens (WW&W) is a supernatural roleplay community founded by U k e l e l e .
If you are not new here, carry on with what you were doing! However, if you are new here, please proceed.

About WW&W
WW&W is a roleplay community about witches and wizards! You may also be a mythical creature or both. Have a good time!

    Here are some things we do not accept as species/types:
  • Gods
  • Godesses
  • (only staff can be)
    Here are some things we do accept as species:
  • witches
  • wizards
  • hybrids (of any things we accept)
  • werewolves
  • vampires
  • animagis
  • elves
  • house elves

    we also accept HP based characters!

Any other things that are supernatural that are not in the "do not" list can also be your species. You do not have to be a wizard or a witch! But we personally think it would be better to. Please also read our rules! Click here to get started! (make sure to read the rules and the form stats also!) And as Wardens, we hope you have a good time around the place!